Happy New Year Jeff! I just want to tell you how much I LOVE the newsletter. It is exactly what someone like me wants. I LOVE the market , but I run a nice sized business and it is difficult for me to put in the work required to be successful.  So your service is just the best for me. Not only is it profitable, but it is not overwhelming in terms of positions and trades, but has enough to get the blood flowing and make progress in growing my account.  Really can’t thank you enough and let’s hope we have a great 2024! Thanks again Josh

AMGN today already paid for my yearly subscription!!


Jeff is a stock-pickers stock picker. In a Bull market, Bear market or market treading water, Jeff, thru extensive research, is able to identify the gems and act decisively to maximize profit. The Trade in the Zone newsletter is both detailed and easy to read providing rare insights into market action. For $399 per quarter it’s by far the most affordable subscription I have, being daily makes it that much more valuable. 



I have been a subscriber to Trade in the Zone for over 14 years. Jeff is a man who is full of life and very positive and displays that in his passion for his work. The major reason why I signed up is because Jeff is a forward thinker. There are a handful of plays he comes up with every year, where you can make a year’s worth of income, even a lifetime??? Let’s be real, there are probably only 2-5 trades each year where traders make the bulk of their money. The rest is all noise. Jeff puts you in the position to be in those big winners each and every year.



I’ve been actively trading since 2009 and subscribed to several services over the years. However, Trade in the Zone is the only subscription service I still pay for. Jeff has a unique style that blends fundamentals, technical analysis and common sense to pick leading stocks year after year. While every Trade in the Zone pick is not a home run, the big winners easily make up for the losing trades. I appreciate his honest approach, and to have the support of an experienced trader to help make decisions and keep me on track. 



Jeff’s Trade in the Zone newsletter is the best newsletter I’ve come across in 20 years. We all would like to have hours and hours of free time to study trading & stocks, but some of us just don’t have the time due to our every day job , family life, etc. Jeff’s newsletter allows me to follow my passion without putting in all the hours. That’s because he does it for us. I love the option trades and the short term (weeks, not days) holding period.  Highly recommend



Jeff’s results are simply amazing. I have had advisers at multiple major brokerages, personal financial advisors, IBD subscriptions, followed Jim Cramer’s picks and none come remotely close to matching Jeff’s returns. He is a master at his craft. I have recommended Jeff’s newsletter to my father and all of my closest friends.



I’ve been trading on my own for years, reading up on stocks to buy and hold for long & short term investments – and I earned a greater return than all of those years in just a matter of months with Jeff.  If you’re busy in your day to day life and want to take out all of the guesswork for the right trades, then Trade In The Zone is absolutely perfect for you.  Jeff’s daily newsletter gives you his ideas, backed by his rationale, along with recommendations on when to both buy and sell.  Time and time again I’ve been amazed at how right he was about something that didn’t even occur to me as a possibility.  The best part about Trade In The Zone is how Jeff is always able to come up with great ideas, in both bullish and bearish markets.  This allowed me to get over the idea of trading with emotion and just follow the waves to maximize profit.  I’d recommend Trade In The Zone to anybody!



I believe I’m Jeff’s longest subscriber.  I found Jeff at a free website in 2001.  I had been an active trader during the “dot com” period and made a lot of money in the market but it was now the post dot com era and I was struggling.  Sort of scary as I just retired from my day job as a cpa/tax attorney.  I was looking for help and found a free website run by Jeff Cooper (a well known trader and author)  that had a lot of skilled traders.  Jeff stood out on Cooper’s website  based on having so many winning picks in a universe of some really well known professional traders.  In late 2001 Jeff Cooper was hired by Jim Cramer and had to stop his website.  I didn’t want to lose the then free picks of Jeff Farley and when he offered the chance to join his brand new  trading letter I jumped at it.  Even after all these years, Jeff remains the best stock picker I have ever seen. 



I have been a member of Trade in the Zone since 2018. I’d say tradeinthezone is the best investment I’ve ever made. Thanks Jeff .



I’ve been using Trade in The Zone  for many years. This is the most trustable and effective service among zillions offering on the web.



I have traded for 30 years. Your perspective for trading is different than 99% of the professionals.  Most trade based on what their buddies are doing.  I consider you a blessing in the current environment.