• I have been a subscriber to Trade in the Zone for over 7 years. Jeff is a man who is full of life and very positive and displays that in his passion for his work. The major reason why I signed up is because Jeff is a forward thinker. There are a handful of plays he comes up with every year, where you can make a year's worth of income, even a lifetime??? Let's be real, there are probably only 2-5 trades each year where traders make the bulk of their money. The rest is all noise. Jeff puts you in the position to be in those big winners each and every year.

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  • I've been a subscriber to the Trade in the Zone newsletter for over 9 years. The newsletter and chat-room have been, and continue to be, my best source of new and profitable trading ideas. I admire how Jeff constantly is on the look-out for companies with new and exciting ideas, not just by reading and chart review, but by actually going out in the field to see for himself what is happening. I also appreciate how Jeff's ideas strengthen one's trading psychology as well as improving all aspects of life.

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