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  • Nightly email PDF 1 page of commentary because your time is valuable
  • Full analysis and research of each trade idea
  • The WHY gives you more confidence in the idea
  • Box showing current positions with P&L EVERY night
  • Charts to see what the big money is doing
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Super Premium Trade in the Zone

(with 10x subscription guarantee of performance)
$ 999
  • Money back any month my ideas are not up 10x the price of the subscription
  • My closed trade ideas are up $10,000 or more or you get your full $999 back for the month
  • Based on 100k portfolio
  • My records are the scoring sheet
  • You will get a running P&L and open P&L each night
  • Email or call me directly anytime
  • Weekly phone call for 30 minutes if you choose
  • Full newsletter included and direct access
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