How it Works


Ideas are typically held for 1 week to 3 months (this is not day trading). To make big money, we must let good ideas develop (we want dollars, not dimes).

You will get ideas ranging from $10 Rule stocks (my proprietary screen) to options (POWER PLAYS) on more expensive stocks like Google & Apple. Options give us the maximum bang for the buck with the least capital possible.

The focus is on stocks with strong growth, a good chart, and a great “story.”

No matter what the market does in any given year, there are usually hundreds of stocks that go up 100%+ per year. My job is to help you find these new undiscovered stocks each year.

“Trade in the Zone” ideas focuses on trading where the action is. In 2019, this could be hot sectors like cannabis, biotechnology, Internet and 5G.


  • Stock Picks. Receive up to 2 specific ideas for the following day with exact entry points and protective stops. Arrange the trades prior to, or shortly after the market open. These ideas will be based on a market thesis, fundamentals of the company, chart pattern of the stock and the “story” of the name.
  • Current Holdings. Get a review of open positions with updated protective stops and review of unrealized profit & loss showing stocks “in the box.”
  • Charts. A picture is worth a thousand words. You will see several charts each night, most with my personal notes.


When conditions warrant, you will receive alerts that will consist of new trade ideas, “POWER PLAYS” and sale recommendations. Some of the most profitable trades come from the real-time alerts.


You will receive option ideas that have the potential for 50% to 500% gains in a short period of time. These will be straightforward buys of calls or puts to leverage an anticipated move in a particular stock.